Auction Information

Why Auction?

With a properly advertised and well-attended public auction you should have a huge crowd of enthusiastic, attentive buyers competing against each other to purchase your property. An auction allows the client to sell a property in a timely manner, eliminate holding costs, and establish their own terms and conditions. Simply placing an ad in the classified section or posting a ‘For Sale’ sign in your front yard usually garners at best an underwhelming response of ‘looky loos’ and short-changers. In many cases it could take months to finally sell your property, and even then you may have to accept a price substantially lower than what you hoped for.

Choosing the Right Auctioneer

If you believe your property is right for auction, then you’re ready to begin looking for the best auctioneer. These days finding an auctioneer can be relatively easy, but hiring the right auctioneer is where the effort comes in. You will want to weigh several factors carefully before signing a contract and price shouldn’t be the only determining factor in your decision.

Auctioneer Specialty

At Herron Auctions we pride ourselves in having a wide range of expertise in the areas of farm auction, land auction, residential auction, estate auction, commercial auction, and machinery auction. Sellers choose Herron Auction because of the high prices we fetch and our 99-percent closing rate.  We know the market, the value of your property, and how to attract the buyers most interested in your property.


An auctioneer’s reputation can be crucial to the success of an auction.  Well-regarded auctioneers earn their public standing with a blend of experience and character that can only be forged over time. A good reputation will attract a devoted group of buyers willing to attend and bid at their auctions. Becoming a trusted and respected auction company is one of Herron Auctions proudest achievements.   At Herron Auctions we strive to further solidify this reputation with each and every auction we hold.


Auctioneers can vary greatly in the number of auctions they hold annually.  We at Herron Auctions are proud to have more than 5,500 auctions under our belt. This, combined with over 60-years of auctioneering experience passed down through four generations means we are confident in our abilities and are happy to serve you.


The most powerful factor in driving prospective buyers to our auctions outside of our loyal customers is our impactful and award winning advertising. Working with Herron Auctions guarantees your auctions will be prominently advertised in a multitude of outlets including web, print, handbills and social media.

Ask us Questions

If in doubt, ask us questions. What type of auction would be best for my property? What kinds of services do you offer? Where will the auction be held? How soon will I receive the proceeds from the sale? At Herron Auctions we go far beyond just auctioning off our clients property. We know in this type of business that trust is a huge factor when it’s your property that’s at stake, and we are prepared to answer any questions you may have so that we can begin to build a lasting relationship with you.

Now What?

If you decide to move forward with Herron Auctions as your auctioneer and once we have assisted you in determining the services you want, you’ll finalize the partnership by signing a contract. This contract will sort out what your responsibilities are, what our responsibilities are as your auctioneer, commissions, expenses, and when you’ll receive the proceeds from the sale. We will answer all your questions and help you through the entire process.