711 Atkinson St, Henderson, KY – COMMERCIAL LISTING


The Dairette Grill - Traditional listing 711 Atkinson St - Henderson

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List Price: $165,000.00  (Back on the Market)

711 Atkinson St
Henderson, KY 42420

Property Details:
Going Business – The Dairette Grill

This is a going business.  Hours of operation are 10AM to 8PM Monday-Saturday.  Drive-thru hours are the same.  Estimated annual income $250,000.00.  Sale will include 2 coolers, 3 freezers, ice maker, 2 Pepsi fountains w/ice bin, milkshake machine, ice cream machine, flat top grill, 2 deep fryers, walk-in freezer, walk-in cooler, misc. bowls, misc. cooking utensils, 2 cash registers, 2 credit card machines, chilli cheese warmer, fry warmer, bread rack, cooler/make table, cone dispenser and more.

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